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a.c. bhaktivedanta swami

1964: June  


My dear Shastryji,

I thank you for your granting me an interview yesterday morning but I was not successful in my mission because your dealing with me yesterday was more official than hearty. You asked me to send you my Srimad-Bhagavatam Part II with a note. This is not only expensive for me but also troublesome for me.

Any way as you wanted me to send you a note. I am abiding by your order but I am doubtful whether you will have any time to go through my notes. The first thing is that here is the copy of your letter which you sent me on ______ after receipt of the 1st part.


I beg to enquire if you had some time to go through the 1st part. If you have not gone through it there is no use for the 2nd part.

The whole thing is to be completed in sixty parts of 400 pages. It is a mighty project and I am doing it alone. Here with please find one picture & literature for the publication.

If you would have gone through the 1st part you would have actually felt how much important work I have undertaken not only for the benefit of India but also for all the world.

If you actually want good government not only for India but also for all the world over, you must promote the sales of this publication either or you may purchase some thousands of copies of this publication of concessional rate & distribute both the same to all leading & thinking men of the world.

Srimad-Bhagavatam is a ___ literature and it is specially needed at this hour of human disparity all over the world.

So far I remember, you referred about the Education Ministry. But I may inform you that the Education Ministry has already approved of this publication and Special Sanskrit officer is purchasing 50 copies per volume.

You can however order your other ministry to purchase 50 copies of each volume and distribute them as they like.

The American Embassy is also purchasing 18 copies of each volume.

You have desired that this important publication may be introduced in the ___ of all government unification. And if you do help me in this discretion, then I can peacefully finish up the job.

I think the Government would have given me all encouragement for attempting such important work but I have not been so engaged till now. It is better late than never and I wish that in your Government I may not be neglected.

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1964: May 23  


My dear Mathura Prasad ji,

I beg to thank you for your kind cooperation in the matter of Bhagavatam Mission. I shall try to see the Hathras gentleman of whom you have given me the name and the address. Kindly send me some more addresses of gentlemen so that I shall send them the books and other necessary papers to convince them about the importance of the work I have undertaken.

After seeing the Hathras gentleman I shall go Delhi and from there I shall send you some sets books and other literatures to you per Railway parcel and then I shall again go to Agra from Delhi to secure some members of the League of Devotees which is a registered society possessing certificate of exemption of income tax to receive donations.

Sethji, you are not an ordinary businessman. You are sufficiently educated and have rightly taken to business. By the Grace of Lord Sri Krishna you one of the very important business magnet and I may inform you on the authority of great Acaryas and books of knowledge that it is our duty to make the best use of our money so long it is with us.

By the law of nature nothing in the material world is permanent including our material body and therefore the great politician Pandit Canakya who was once the Honorary Prime Minister of India, advised it that the nature of everything material being destructible the best use of a bad bargain is to utilize the temporary possessions for the cause of the Permanent.

At the present moment the people are more concerned with the temporary things namely the gross body and the subtle mind without any practical touch with the permanent soul and His Lord. The result is that we have produced a godless civilization and the whole world unhappy for this conception of civilization.

Srimad-Bhagavatam gives us practical solution for all the problems political social ideological philosophical cultural and transcendental knowledge for all human being. Srimad-Bhagavatam is meant for all human beings and it is the duty of the Hindus specially the Vaisnavas to disseminate the great knowledge throughout the whole world.

With this purpose in view I have taken up the mighty project and I wish that you gentlemen cooperate with me fully. The cooperation is possible to be made either by life, wealth, intelligence or words. Every one has got some of the above assets of the above four principles if not at least one of them must we have and we can engage them in the service of the Lord.

Srimad-Bhagavatam gives all informations to attain the highest perfection of life both during the continuation of the present life as well as in the life after death.

I shall request you with all humility to cooperate with this mission and thus be benefited yourself. It is not the least exaggeration but actual fact and to become a member for this mission will to your own interest. And help others also who may be known to you.

I am requesting you to give me at least ten members from Agra as you have already given one yesterday and I am thanking you once more.

Kindly address all correspondence to my Box No. 1846 to ensure safe delivery. G.P.O. Post Box No.1846, Delhi-6.

Awaiting your early reply,

Yours sincerely,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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1964: May  



Dear Sir,

With due respect I beg to request you to look into the papers despatched to your address under separate Book Post.

In that book post you will find one copy of my theistic fortnightly paper BACK TO GODHEAD broadcasting exclusively everything about the Supreme Personality of Godhead. These topics about Godhead are delineated in a manner for understanding of any common man and it is high time that people of the world should now know about the Supreme Truth when they have had tried enough and failed in the matter of establishing peace in the world by so much attempt.

The fact is that we all living energies in different species of life are all individual parts and parcels of the Supreme Energetic person as the son is the part and parcel of the father. The whole creation including all material or spiritual planes and planets are different parts and parcels of One Unit only but there are immense diversities in unity for variegatedness is the necessary paraphernalia of eternal pleasure which we are all seeking in the wrong way without the right information to have it.

BACK TO GODHEAD can direct the right way of such happiness even in the material field by the simple adjustment of re-establishing our lost relation with Godhead. We wish that people may kindly read this paper for some time with due attention and critical gravity. We are always prepared to answer any relevant question in this regard from any quarter who may be seeking after the Absolute Truth.

Although the messages contained in the pages of BACK TO GODHEAD are all gifts of the ancient sages of India who actually realised the Absolute Truth, yet at the present moment the so called leaders of India are too much enamoured by the western way of material advancement of knowledge. They are completely neglecting the treasure house of knowledge left by the sages.

You, gentlemen, of the Western Countries have seen much about material science and yet peace is not within your control. In most cases you may be feeling the want of peace although you have enough in the matter. This basic defect of materialism remains undetected by the misleaders of India and therefore they are not serious about going BACK TO GODHEAD the ultimate aim of life's journey.

I am therefore seeking your help in broadcasting this message of spiritual value through your good institution.

I shall request you to go through the literatures sent to you per separate book post and let me know your reaction upon it.

I am seeking your help for getting some addresses of the thoughtful men of your country who are leading the public opinion and to whom I may be able to send this important paper for consideration.

Thanking you in anticipation and awaiting your early reply.

Yours faithfully,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta

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